Monday, December 21, 2009

Photos that were supposed to be pretty

This is what I get when I ask my boyfriend to takes photos of me, he quickly does it and then they turn out all grainy and blurry.   I need to find someone who wants to take photos, that enjoys it.   Anyhow this is what I wore on Friday night to a birthday party at some friends house.  I was going for a sort of 50's vibe and I like the silhouette.  It's really too bad that these are so terrible because this outfit was all about the details.  There was sequins, beading, the amazing 40's coat, next time I will take them myself.  My face is also really distorted, oh well.

Glasses-Frames from Grandma H (they are my new prescription)
Dress-Vintage 50's
Sequin Belt-Vintage 80's
Beaded Sweater-Vintage 50's
Coat-Vintage 40's (Just thrifted, it's stunning and in great condition)
Shoes-Franco Sarto

1 comment:

Tamagosan said...

Wear it again sometime in a place with better light!

I love all your outfits that connect to your grandma... Somehow that reminds me of mine, who I miss dearly!