Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ready to Rot

I've been a sick little pirate lately.  It all started when I acquired my boyfriends terrible cold that seemed like the flu the first day then progressed into a never ending cold.  Then I got a pain in my neck which progressed to my shoulders and back.  It got worse when I slipped and fell down some stairs this weekend.  I guess from here things have to get better because if they got worse I might just scream uncontrollably.

While attempting to shop for presents yesterday I found some gems for myself.  Why is this always the case when I try to shop for others?  You know, things that I couldn't resist because of perfect fit and price.  In any case these new jeans are perfect.  They are long, fit like a glove and a bit high waisted to cover up the lady parts that aren't what they used to be, and for 20$ a great bargain for Earl Jeans (originally 118$).  And for the shoes,  I couldn't believe it when I found them, tried them on and they were perfect.  I immediately came home and did some google research which led me to Nordstrom where they were still for sale for 95$.   I don't often buy heels being that I am 5'10 they usually make me feel more like a amazon woman that chic. When I do happen on a pair that are comfortable, uber stylish and with a reasonable heel height I get really excited.  These babies are Franco Sarto"Tokyo's.  The best price I could find online is from Zappos so click the link to be sent there.  I got mine for 45$, so check your local Marshals first.  I now have my perfect Christmas/New years/Birthday shoes.

 Now for the rest of the outfit, plus a bonus silly photo!!

Blue Suede Jacket-Vintage, Thrifted in Oregon
Ready to Rot Tee-Thrifted and altered
Flared Jeans-Earl Jeans from Marshals
Franco Sarto Tokyo heels-Marshals
Knock off Chanel shades-MultiCulti
Green Beret-Thrifted

I love this thrifted tee, it says "ready to rot" with little naughty fruits!

I finally found a nice beret at the thrift store, it's really thick and warm and a great complementing color to my red hair.  How about these Chanel 50/50 knock off sunnies I found at a local import shop for 8$.  I had been waiting for some knock off's since the originals were out.  Love, I tell you, love!

The fruit of my labor,  holiday shopping is exhausting!  I love how these shoes look vintage and modern at the same time.  They remind me of the chloe' suede multi strap wedges.

I'm a pirate ghost! I had to throw in a artsy outtake shot for good measure.

True story, the girls and I from work had to wear random/thrown together water proof gear to walk to the trains/busses/home because when it poured down rain on friday none of us were prepared for it.  It is already impossible to get cabs here in SF on friday nights so we had no choice but to brave the dumping rain. I  too am wearing a plastic cap under the weird hippie hat I found at the salon.  I am also wearing my hair color cape because it is water proof and my coat was not.  Susan on the left is a tini little lady who looks like a crazy overweight lady with her bags all under her grey smock and Timberly in the middle was the only one with a waterproof coat and a umbrella.  We learned a good lesson, be prepared!


Missa said...

That always happens to me too. When I'm shopping for others is when I tend to be bombarded with awesome things for myself.

The shoes are fabulous and one can never pass up a perfect fitting pair of jeans!


I love your rocker style and also Love the letter from Yoko...such an inspiring person...I love her ideas and all...she is also a great inspiration for me...