Thursday, January 14, 2010

About a week ago i downloaded this amazing app from Itunes.  It's the Hipstamatic app and I have become obsessed.  I have been taking pictures of my cat, myself and anything else I can find.   Today I wanted to wear something totally retro.  This is sort of like something I would have worn in high school in the 90's.  These altered jean skirts were really popular back then and this one is one I made a few years ago.   Again, I played around with different coats and jackets.   I think the one I will wear out will be the brown leather 70's jacket. 

I'm wearing-
Navy and white striped shirt-Old Navy 
Necklace-Self made
Skirt-self made
Jean shirt/jacket-vintage

Blue leather jacket-vintage, thrifted in Oregon

Brown leather jacket-vintage, garage sale in Oregon

Blue and white blazer-Vintage korean tailor, thrifted in Oregon

EDIT: for the record I didn't end up wearing this outfit out of the house, there was just something about it that was not quite right for me.  I always have fun dressing up and it's fun to document.  I did end up wearing the striped shirt with skinny back jeans, brown granny ankle boots and a big chunky knit navy blue thigh length sweater.  Well at least I tried to wear something that was out of my comfort zone, even it if didn't work out.  :)


JT Paradox said...

I wish Dyanna and I could go to all these garage sales and vintage spots you go to. We never leave San Francisco. xoxo

Tamagosan said...

Lookin' hot, Joce! Love the skirt length and boot height; really perfect. GREAT new photo style!