Thursday, January 14, 2010

Please donate to Haiti

Here is a list of charities you can donate to help the victims of the terrible tragedy in Haiti.  Acording to CNN at 5pm eastern today, over 5 million has already been raised via texting.  I hope you are one of the caring people who has helped.  I donated via Red cross online yesterday.

CLICK HERE for a list of charities

From what I hear from aid workers that helped in previous disasters, the charities that are on the ground already are the fastest to use the funds, such as

                             Partners in Health, Lambi Fund and Doctors Without Borders...


Tamagosan said...

I was alerted to the following from the head of the Bay Area Francophile mailing list:

Accounts of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti have been
heart-wrenching, and many opportunities for making financial contributions
have been widely publicized throughout the Bay Area. I wanted to add one
more to the list: the Berkeley-based What If? Foundation. Founder
Margaret Trost has been raising money to feed and educate children in
Haiti for nearly ten years, and the results have been simply stunning. If
you aren't comfortable donating to a huge organization, and want to give
to a group that is remarkably cost-effective, please do consider the What
If? Foundation. In 2008, over 92% of the donations received by the
Foundation went directly to Haiti. For more information on the What If?
Foundation, go to:


It is so sad....