Monday, January 4, 2010

Cha Ching, thanks to SFstyle!

A few months ago I won a 50$ gift certificate for savers thrift store from SFstyle.  I still hadn't made the 15 minute trek out of the city to use it until yesterday.  It was my birthday and I knew that would be the only way I could convince my sweet Thrift Phobic boyfriend to take me.   He was a great sport as I looked though the store.  Luckily, I am a pro and really fast so I made it happen in record time.  I had already scored tons of great Items while I was back home in the Portland, OR area, more on those later.

I have so much updating to do, sorry I have been so MIA.  I didn't bring my computer traveling so there was no way to update.   In the last week besides all the regular fun holidays it was also my birthday. I am exhausted from all the fun but also invigorated and looking forward to a new year and a new start.  Here are my Savers finds and a couple of the amazing things I got in Portland as well.

This amazing coat was a last minute purchase.  It is so thick and stiff and in pristine vintage condition and looks great on.  I had seen it while shopping but my boyfriend said it looked urine colored so I put it back even though I have been searching for a while for something in this color.  I had already purchased all the other things and was sitting in the car.  I couldn't stop thinking about it and I still had 14$ left in gift certificate money so I ran back in and purchased it.  It was 17.99.  I only spent about 5$ of my own money on all of the following items!  There were also a couple little items that I didn't photograph, a really neat scarf and a little necklace too.

vintage silk leggings, I love the print 2.99$

One of the coolest Jackets, stretchy velvet Oscar De La Renta 7.99$

Really avant garde polyester batwing dress/tunic  5.99

Cute little HnM dress 5.99

These next two are finds from Portland/Vancouver

  This one is a vintage, real fur, cape and it's stunning.  I found it for my friend at the thrift store while we were shopping together.  She was looking for something similar for her new years eve outfit.  She later found something more suitable and then gave it to me for my Birthday.  It was found at the Vancouver, WA Value Village.

EDIT: I just did some online research on this tag and Thelma Todd was a famous actress who's life ended tragically.  The tag says "furs by Thelma Todd Milwaukee WI"  I have no idea if this was designed by her but I could not find any other fur makers with that name.  I believe this is seal fur and very old, besides the fact that she died in the 1930's.  Similar ones I found online were marked 1930-1940 this one is in like new condition which is remarkable for it's age.

EDIT 2: Come to find out via a member of the Yahoo group "ThelmaToddFans" the maker of the fur was in fact another Thelma Todd.  It was fun to have a mystery to try to solve!  Thanks to the person who let me know, the mystery is now solved.

I was searching for a new coat and found this perfect one at a really cute little vintage store in Portland called Rad Summer. It is reversible which I didn't notice until a few days after I had it.   It was 24$.


Anonymous said...

Major finds! Especially that GOLD (not urine) coat. I'm so glad you went back in last minute to buy it. The short sleeves are going to look so chic come springtime. <3

Pretty Pirate said...

Thanks Dyanna, I just knew it was perfect. I always know when I can't get something off my mind, luckily I was still there. Thanks again to you and J.T for the awesome gift/prize