Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite things, jacket and coat edition!

I started out today by going into my crafting studio to get creative then I saw these pants and then this  shirt/dress across the room and something clicked.  I decided that they would go well together and put them both on.  I had this shirt/dress in my store until a few minutes ago, opps.   I had never even tried it on as it looked to small but when I saw the pieces laying together I knew I had to give it a try.  I really like the color combo.  As I was playing dress up I decided to experiment with some different coats and jackets which then led me to a moment of clarity.  It has come time for a  new "favorite things post".
It's been a really long time since I have done a "favorite things" post.  I can't believe I've never done a coats/jackets post because they are one of my favorite things to wear and I have a huge collection.  The fact that I am older than many other fashion bloggers makes me more likely to have a larger collection of vintage just because I have been collecting for much longer and have seen many trends come and go.  Yes folks, I am old.  Ha!!  Anyway I had a bit of fun today dressing up in some of my all time favorite coats and jackets some new to me and some I have had for years.  Here are my self taken shots.  I'm wearing no makeup and my hair just came out of a topknot so please excuse the sloppiness.  I hope you enjoy.  Which is your favorite?

Hat-can't remember Ross I think
Vintage 50's mustard coat-Savers with gift certificate from SFstyle ( I love the sleeves on this coat)
Vintage 60's faux snakeskin dress-Thrifted
Vintage silk leggings-Savers with gift cert from SFstyle
DKNY shoes-thrfited

Brocade Jacket-Savers with Gift Cert from SFstyle

Vintage Seal fur cape-Gift via thrift (I found for a friend then she bought it and later gave it to me)

Vintage authentic military jacket-thrifted years ago ( I love the shoulders, they are so modern, no?)

Vintage band Jacket-Gift from X boyfriend years ago

Vintage long velvet jacket-gift from friend, same as fur cape (what a great friend hu?)


JT Paradox said...

I'm so glad you finally got some goodies with your Savers prise!

Dyanna likes that first coat tremendously.

- JT Paradox

Missa said...

Wow, great collection! That band jacket is AMAZING! Oh, and for the record, I've got you soooo beat in the old lady blogger department, yup by 6 years based on what I learned in your previous post. Happy belated birthday by the way :)

hannah & landon said...


Eyeliah said...

oh that green jacket and the blue one - divine!