Monday, April 26, 2010


One of my favorite old movies is Vertigo, (hence the black and white photos for today).  Vertigo is a great, Hitchcock movie filmed in San Francisco.  Crissy field which can be seen in a scene in the movie is where I hung out with friends on Sunday.   For the movie, they built some stairs that were temporary and can be seen when the leading lady walks down to the water and then is saved by her leading man.  In the shot you can see the Golden Gate bridge in the background.   This was my first time hanging out here for more than a drive through.  Some of my friends and I had a BBQ to which I owe all the credit to my friend Sanjay who got to the park at 8:00 am to get the best spot he could find.  I showed up much later to find a sweet spot with lots of great people, food an beverages.  Luckily, I met some great new friends and had a blast hanging out in the sun.  Photos of me by Sanjay, except close up which is a self portrait.  All scenic photos by me.

I am wearing-

Hat-Bought at the Garlic festival in Gilroy when I was overheating (scarf is from a import store)
Necklace-Self made (Pretty Pirate Designs)


Eyeliah said...

fun pics, I keep meaning to take some black and white, maybe while Im in mexico.

Missa said...

Sounds like a totally fun day and yes, Vertigo is such a great film. It's so strange/cool to watch old movies and see familiar locations :)

Tamagosan said...

Lovely shots. Love the fisherman and you jumping! For the next Vertigo bit, you should head over to Fort Point (where the attempted suicide occurred). I love those cannons! And for a real treat, a drive down to San Juan Bautista for the Mission scene... :-)

Damsels said...

you'll probably think this is wierd but ive never seen a hitchcock film in my life .. maybe vertigo would be a goo one to start with ?

Tamagosan said...

@Damsels: Vertigo is great. The Birds and Psycho are other obvious choices. Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much, North by Northwest, all great, too. My faves (Marnie and Rebecca) aren't typical, but good after you've determined you like the stuff. Getting into the earlier films (39 Steps, Rope) would be the step after that.


Amazing pics, the black and white are just perfect ;)