Friday, July 11, 2008

Exciting new Etsy purchases!

Ok, I know I'm totally addicted to Etsy, but it's ok.   I found this book and belt from seller 
This seller has amazing deals and I would recomend the store out as they have a really cute vintage 60's hand tooled purse that I was drooling over for 8$.   I always carry huge oversized purses so it was too small for me but amazing none the less. 

This book looks so great, a dress making book from 1927 for 5$!

Just look at the illustrations!

And this belt is to die for!  I can't wait to wear it!  Again at 8$ a great deal!


CoutureCarrie said...

That book seems like a great find . . . would love to learn how to make my own dresses!

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, fantastic buys!
I really try to avoid dressing "trendy." I have no problem wearing trends or following them, but in the end I try to only wear things I love and hope I don't dislike ever. Blogging does change one's style!