Monday, January 25, 2010

Antiquities In SF!

I love antiques and every chance I get I take pictures to remember them by.  These are some of the recent  places I have been with really neat antiques.

This first set of photos is from a guys house we met at the 500 club his place was extremely Selby worthy.  If I was a guy this is the stuff I would have in my house (instead of vintage clothing) of corse I would still love to have any of it. This guy was a huge collector and his house was like a living museum.  It was a magical mix of crazy clutter and really neat and very old things.  He was playing the best old blues/Jazz, my favorite song was one called "the alcoholic blues" <----- check out the Link on youtube.  He had about 3 of these really old record players, the ones that play the smaller and much thicker records.  It was a really neat experience.

The record player, check out the old lab set in the background

His old typewriter

Crazy old hats and books and such

Another record player

These next shots are from a place in San Francisco called "the box SF".  My friend Cindy (pictured below) does some work with them.  My boyfriend and I went to a benefit there a few weeks ago, for a little girl who has cancer.  There was some great live music, amazing food (by cindy)  and great people.  I took a few shots of some of the antiques there, here they are.

Some old tins ( I collect old tins)

Cool old wooden case of some sort

Some of my friends, Cindy on the right and Sarye next to her, with Cindy's son and wife.

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