Monday, January 25, 2010

Closet overhaul

Today was the day to go through my closet, organize it and purge all the things that needed to go.  My shoes were a huge nasty pile up.  This tends to happen after a couple months of wearing them, yes I am disorganized.  I even have that handy shoe organizer which has really changed my life.  This time around I decided to leave all the boots to the closet instead of trying to stuff them into the organizer (not working so well).  I am hoping this will make it easier to stay organized.  Hi my name is Jocelyne and I have a shoe problem and also a boot problem.   I managed to purge quite a few pairs and organized my closet by color again which also gets out of wack after a few months.  I feel I have come a long way since the last closet organization.   Well maybe not in "staying organized", but having good places to stash things has helped a lot.


A close up......eeek again

The matching process

Awwww, much better (this is even before I hung up the huge pile up that was in my room)

I love how all the colors and textures look!


Sarah said...

Nice! It always feels so good to do that. I love all the colors and textures too!
And by the way, do you actually have that beautiful white fireplace in your house? It's amazing! I LOVE that photo of you on your homepage, in front of it, with all the hats. I have a special hat shelf, too. :)

Pretty Pirate said...

Hi Sarah!! Thanks for stopping by! That fireplace is in my apartment here in San Francisco. I love the old victorian architecture here, it's right up my alley. The sad part about both of our beautiful fireplaces is that they are no longer in working order and both have been converted with heaters in front. They are still very pretty though which is fun! Aren't hats so much fun!!!

Missa said...

Hey, nice job on the overhaul and thanks so much for thinking of me! I will email you my address and I would love to make it a swap so please email me your measurements and sizing info so I can keep you in mind on future thrift outings:

p.s. I love the last photo :)